Biblical variant of 'il' keyboard layout

Matt Reimer mattjreimer at
Sun Nov 12 22:57:51 PST 2006

On 11/12/06, Sebastian J. Bronner <waschtl at> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> studying theology and using Linux is proving to be a road filled with
> challenges.  I have created a (complete) variant for the il-layout which
> includes all characters needed to type Old-Testament Hebrew.  The
> variant was designed by Tiro (the same people who designed the SBL
> Hebrew font) and I took that specification and entered it into a symbols
> file.
> I hope that someone working on the xorg-project can integrate my
> changes.  To that end, I have attached the changed files themselves (in
> the tarball) and a diff containing the changes to those files (the diff
> is to X Window System Version 6.9.0).
> Cheers,
> Sebastian J. Bronner.

Thanks Sebastian! I'll be using it. Hopefully it can be committed.


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