xmodmap Sysreq and Break key

Olive olive001 at tele2allin.be
Mon Nov 13 12:49:20 PST 2006


I would like to remap the key having the keycode 111 and 110 (SysReq and 
Break)(I never use them and some often needed keys are not easily 
accessible on my (Belgian) keyboard) I have written the following 
xmodmap file:

keycode 111 = braceleft bracketright
keycode 110 = braceright bracketright

The key are remapped on { and } respectively (as expected); but the 
Shift key has no effect (I still get { end } instead of [ and ]). This 
problem does not appears when I remap other keys. Moreover I am unable 
to make the Break key a repeated key (with xset r 110). My xorg is xorg 
6.9.0 on Slackware 11.0.

After googling I have found the following old message; which describe 
the same problem; but no solution 


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