965 modesetting trouble

Jesse Barnes jbarnes at virtuousgeek.org
Mon Nov 13 20:43:33 PST 2006

On Monday, November 13, 2006 2:07 pm, Eric Anholt wrote:
> Oh, interesting.  So, this is a failure of our current SDVO code to
> handle multiple SDVO outputs.  I haven't really decided how to handle
> the multiple SDVO connections yet.  The messy part is that, as far as I
> can tell:
> - Each SDVO device may have 1 or 2 inputs from pipes, and 1 or 2
> outputs.
> - 1 input may map to 2 outputs for cloning.
> - 2 inputs may map to 1 output in ganged mode (high-bandwidth modes).
> - 1 pipe may be mappable to an input on 2 SDVO devices for cloning (not
> sure).
> Right now I don't have any suitable hardware for testing ganged mode, so
> I don't want to start hacking on this particular mess until I can get
> some.

Can't you just hack it for the time being for poor wintec dual port folks 
like me? :)

> I think you could get your hardware working by removing the
> "i830_sdvo_init(pScrn, SDVOC);" line.

Ahhh, *much* better.  Now my mode is clear and seems to work fine.  During 
modesetting I get some junk on the screen though, but other than that it 
looks great.


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