Xgl support for GL_ARB_texture_compression (and more)

Elias Naur elias.naur at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 01:52:28 PST 2006


I apologize if this has been asked before, or if it is already implemented. 
While playing around with OpenGL in the stock SUSE 10.1 Xgl, I can't help but 
notice that the advertised extension set and GL_VERSION is fixed (GL_VERSION 
seem to be rewritten to "1.2 (<underlying driver version>)"), regardless of 
the underlying driver's capabilities. This is annoying since I'd like support 
for GL_ARB_texture_compression for my game Tribal Trouble, but I could 
imagine that the general problem is larger (my card supports OpenGL 2.0, 
including shaders, which I'm sure others would love to play around with in 

I know from private tinkering with the Xgl source that adding 
ARB_texture_compression is easy (just a matter of tweaking an internal list 
of extensions). I also know that you're using shaders internally to 
accelerate video rendering. So my question is, why not expose these 
extensions to GL clients?

 - elias

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