xorg-server segfaults on keypress (releated to XkbCopyKeymap stuff) (with backtrace)

Christian Hamar alias krix krics at linuxforum.hu
Tue Nov 14 06:04:42 PST 2006

2006. 11. 14, kedd keltezéssel 14.45-kor Daniel Stone ezt írta:
> On Tue, Nov 14, 2006 at 01:24:41PM +0100, krics at linuxforum.hu wrote:
> > I got similar problem on my system with xorg-server . I
> > figured out that you need a full debug enabled gdb backtrace. I made
> > one :)
> > 
> > You can find it here: http://frugalware.org/~krix/misc/gdb_xorg.log
> > 
> > Just a notice for that: there is a line:
> > 1101	xkbUtils.c: Nincs ilyen fájl vagy könyvtár.
> > 	in xkbUtils.c
> > 
> > ^^ Sorry it is in Hungarian :) That means: No such file or directory.
> > 
> > As i see you need which line and which file got segfault. GDB shows that.
> > 
> > (gdb) #0  0x00000000005b7da1 in XkbCopyKeymap (src=0x8de3e0,
> > dst=0x8d7cd0,    sendNotifies=1) at xkbUtils.c:1101
> Fantastic!  Thanks.
> I think:
> http://gitweb.freedesktop.org/?p=xorg/xserver.git;a=commitdiff;h=389275d240e4ba19d62fda0f138a45c7ecb245ff
> should fix your problem, I committed this a few days ago, and it seems
> to have been pretty solid.  Should probably push a new release out
> pretty soon.

No problem :) I'm glad to help :)

I applied that patch recompiled xorg. Now with simple /usr/bin/X or from
KDM or from XDM keys are ok. I press key and not got segaults. But, when
i try from GDM then it segfaults still with the same error :S
XkbCopyKeymap stuff. :S (with the patch applied)

I rebuilt gdm with new patched xorg (from git) but did not helped :S

Still segfault from GDM when pressing a key. Intresting thing that GDM
fallbacks to some "generic"DM stuff (which is not kdm or xdm) and that
is works fine :S

I dunno it is a gdm or still an xorg releated problem :S 

Anything need from me ?


Christian Hamar alias krix
Frugalware Development Team

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