Can't compile head of xserver module

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Wed Nov 15 12:06:51 PST 2006


You are working with the current release.  The bug that you have is documented here:

The 7.2 tree is under development, but the script that you are using is only getting the current release - 7.1.

If someone else can give concise directions to the development git repository, I would appreciate it, too...


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Subject: Can't compile head of xserver module

I created local copies of all xorg modules using git_xorg and my build
worked until I reached the xserver module, when I got the following

lnx-keyboard.c:167:24: error: xf86Keymap.h: No such file or directory

Am I building the correct branch?  Basically what I want to do is
perform a build of the current state of the 7.2 tree.

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