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Wed Nov 15 14:53:18 PST 2006

On 15/11/2006, at 22:34 , Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> For us poor unknowing souls would you mind to explain what MPX  
> actually
> is?

It has been answered already but I guess I should answer it as well.

MPX is the Multi-Pointer X server. A modified version of (a  
patch for X11R7.1) to have multiple mouse cursors. Rather than  
merging all devices into one cursor, MPX keeps a cursor per device,  
with up to at least 18 independent cursors. In theory, it supports  
more, but 18 was the maximum I have tested so far.

Each of the cursors behaves like a core pointer and like an XI  
device, sending both types of events.

MPX is compatible to, so you can put it in place of your X  
server and unless you plug in and configure multiple mice, you should  
not notice the difference*.

There is a bit more info on


* blah blah possible bugs blah blah

Multi-Pointer X Server

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