Intel Graphics on x86_64: Video modes (Dell Inspiron E1405 laptop)

Joshua J. Berry des at
Thu Nov 16 22:19:44 PST 2006

Hi list --

I have a Dell Inspiron E1405 with a Core 2 Duo (so 64bit kernel and 
userspace), running Gentoo Linux with xf86-video-i810 version 1.7.2.

The built-in display (which is 1440x900) will not run at any but its native 
resolution.  I'm using 915resolution to add several video modes to the 
BIOS, but X will use only the 1440x900 mode I added, and none of the other 
ones (not even 640x480).

Some of the (old) games I like to play (e.g. Starcraft in Wine) are happiest 
at 640x480.  Can anyone offer suggestions for getting X to recognize these 
alternate video modes?


I also tried with a recent git clone of the modesetting-keithp branch, but 
that just gave me a blank screen and a partially-unresponsive keyboard (X 
did not recognize Ctrl+Alt+Bksp, but I could Alt+SysRq to semi-cleanly 

Xorg.log from modesetting:

I would also like to get this laptop talking to an external display (which 
prefers 1600x1200), but haven't figured out the magic combination of 
configuration options to do that either. ;)  (I need to do more reading on 
this myself, before I can ask a good question, but a pointer in the right 
direction would be wonderful.)

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


-- Josh

Joshua J. Berry

"I haven't lost my mind -- it's backed up on tape somewhere."
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