trident tv_out not working on xorg 7.1.1

golfer golfbuf at
Fri Nov 17 19:56:12 PST 2006

I'm unable to get the tv_out to work on my laptop, using the trident
driver.  When I switch to the tv_out, it fills the tv screen with
white dots on a grey background.

This is with a fresh install of kubuntu-6.10, which uses xorg 7.1.1
(trident version 1.2.1).

I also tried the last xorg 7.0.0 by running a dapper live cd .. it has
the same problem.

I used to have debian sarge on this laptop and was able to use the
tv_out successfully.  That was the old xfree86 version of the trident

The hardware works.  It's the CyberBladeXPAi1 card.  When I kill xorg,
and use a terminal, I can put the terminal on the tv screen
successfully.  It's just when X is running that the tv_out give a grey
screen.  Also indicating it should work is the fact that it works in

Anyone have any tips?

Is there some place I should file a bug?


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