xdm: very long pause after login

dark_mail at gmx.net dark_mail at gmx.net
Sun Nov 19 07:50:41 PST 2006

lo is up , and in /etc/hosts I have a line assigning localhost and my
hostname to

xdm just respawned when trying to start Xfce, garbling VT1 along with
it. I just got back to the login screen.

Andrew J. Barr wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-11-19 at 16:30 +0100, dark_mail at gmx.net wrote:
>> As of today xdm stops working after I have logged in.
>> When using windowmaker, there is a very, very long pause before it
>> actually starts. Xfce seems not to start at all, but maybe it needs even
>> longer to start up. During this time, only the mouse cursor is
>> displayed. CPU load is around zero, there is only a short burst of disk
>> activity, and the log files don't show anything strange.
> Sounds like your loopback interface isn't up. Make sure that the 'lo'
> interface is configured by your bootup scripts and that you have an
> entry for 'localhost' (and your computer's hostname) in /etc/hosts.
>> When i log on using the commandline I can start Xfce without any
>> problems using "startx" or "startxfce4", everything except gkrellm2
>> works fine (that might be due to runlevel).
>> Gdm runs like a charm.
>> I can't recall having changed anything between yesterday (when it
>> worked) and today regarding X.
>> I'm using Xfce 4.2 on a Gentoo system, xdm is 1.0.5.
>> It's not the missing sessreg issue, I had that already, and
>> XSTATICVT="yes" is set in /etc/conf.d/xdm.
>> Does anyone have a clue what went wrong?
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