Xorg 7.2 RC2

Todd Kover kovert at omniscient.com
Sun Nov 19 16:47:38 PST 2006

 > > It also appears to require libxcb, which hasn't been released and isn't
 > > contained in the everything directory, though 1.0rc3 is out (aka 0.9.93)
 > > and >=0.9.92 is required.
 > libxcb is an external dependency from X.org's point of view. Its
 > releases are at:
 > http://xcb.freedesktop.org/dist/
 > XCB 1.0 will be released before X.org 7.2 is final. At this point it
 > looks like nothing significant will have changed since 1.0rc2; mostly
 > we've been working on integrating Doxygen into the build.

ahh, thanks for that bit of info.

This brings up another thing that would be nice... One README that lists
all the external dependancies and recommended versions, rather than
rifling through all the individual ones to try to discern it.  Having
that include a script for doing the build would be extra awesome.

I know this runs counter to the modular approach, but for those people
(like me) who are normally inclined towards going with upgrades to the
(theoretically unit tested) katamari releases, with the individual ones
above-and-beyond that being more for dealing with bugs and new features
that one might want early, it would save a tremendous amount of time.
It also seems like it makes the katamari releases much more valuable.

Most of my time dealing with 7.2rc2 has been trying to get all the
components in place to build, rather than dealing with porting issues or
usability issues (and I've been working on it on and off for three days,
though more off).

 > > FWIW, I'm building on NetBSD 3.0/i386 and am building on a box
 > > without any X (or, more to the point, in an environment with no X
 > > components on the path).  I've found some OS specific issues, but I
 > > guess those are to be reported independantly to the maintainers and
 > > not what you're looking for in RC testing?
 > I'd say it's an important part of RC testing but the bugs you find
 > should go to the individual maintainers. :-)

ok, that was sort of my thought but I also felt I may be coming late to
the game by not unit testing the component releases (I'd found issues in
git and been a little lazy about reporting them :-)
 > I, for one, am interested in hearing whether libxcb and the new libX11
 > work on NetBSD.

I'm not sure when libxcb and the new libX11 went in, but, I've been
running HEAD from git from a build on 18 July 2006 and it's been
tolerable, though I've gone from my X server crashing once a week to
1-2x a day (probably some persistant pages in firefox since I recently
went to firefox2 and turned on session recovery, but that's a guess).
(Aside from the crash, it's been grate).

I've tried to do more recent version from git but it's not recognized
dual dvi panels in MergedFB mode (just clone) on my ATI FireMV2200,
so I was hoping thing less haphazzard and release based may get me to
a stable environment or at least get me to a point where I can try to
narrow down the cause...


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