fixing the recurring Mesa build problem

Brian Paul brian.paul at
Tue Nov 21 08:03:32 PST 2006

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> On 11/20/06, Brian Paul <brian.paul at> wrote:
>> Dan Nicholson wrote:
>> > On 11/20/06, Brian Paul <brian.paul at> wrote:
>> >
>> >> Doesn't sound like there's a good solution to this problem.  Yay,
>> >> autoconf :(
>> >>
>> >> I guess we'll just have to stick with hard-coded filenames for the
>> >> time being.  I plan to wrap up Mesa 6.5.2 on Wednesday.
>> >
>> >
>> > Looks like that's the best plan. One thing I was thinking about that
>> > could be helpful here is to have the hard-coded list in one spot
>> > rather than in and in all the Makefiles. If you're
>> > interested, the patch I sent earlier could easily be changed so that
>> > the hardcoded list is just in GL/ Then only that file
>> > would need to be changed.
>> Perhaps you could re-post that patch (or a new one) so we can review it.
> Here's the patch again with some small changes. This time I actually
> built xserver a couple times, so I'm pretty sure it really works.
> First patch is to Mesa to add all the headers to the sources files.
> This adds one missing file in src/mesa/shader/slang/library. I pruned
> out the shader/programopt.[ch] as they were never used by Xorg. Also,
> I needed to add grammar.c to the shader/grammar header list as it's
> included by grammar_mesa.c.

I'll check this in.  programopt.[ch] are used by the i915 driver. 
I'll add those back since they might be needed elsewhere in the future.

> Second patch is to xserver and is pretty big. GL/
> contains all the needed sources from Mesa. These should match the
> values in the Mesa sources and build the same objects when the lists
> were also kept in the's. Then there are the list targets
> which just echo out the Mesa sources for

Can someone else verify this patch?  I may not get to it today.


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