Internationalizing X.Org applications

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Tue Nov 21 18:08:45 PST 2006

Alan Coopersmith wrote:
 > Subject: libXpm: Changes to 'xpm-gettext'
> New branch 'xpm-gettext' available with the following commits:

Hmm. not sure where the body of that message got to, but the commit was:;a=commitdiff;h=bcda4f17ab3fa9f0572f876dbeb09b45fbc23f3d

A few years back, the Sun X team started a project to internationalize the
X commands.   Unfortunately, we didn't get too many done before other projects
became higher priority and the work wasn't finished.   (A quick scan of our
tree shows we did gettext() conversions for sxpm, cxpm, xfontsel, xload, xman,
xfd, and xhost.)

In replacing our old sources with the latest modular packages, there's a lot
of diffs that are just wrapping all the strings with gettext, so I'd like to
push these upstream so I don't have to reapply those every time.

Unfortunately, I don't see any existing examples in our modules, and intltool
and I are not on speaking terms since it won't play with Solaris's gettext 
tools, so I've put in some simple autoconf tests and automake rules that seem
to work for me and pushed those into a branch of libXpm along with the
gettextifications of the sxpm and cxpm commands.   (libXpm simply happens to
be first in the priority list of the modules we did this too, due to it's
position in the dependency tree.)

I'm definitely open to suggestions for ways to make this better and/or people
committing fixes to make it work on other platforms.   Feedback from 
translation projects or people with experience doing this in other packages is
especially appreciated.

(I haven't tracked down yet the translations done for these messages or found
  out if we can release them too.)

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