Problems with xorg in FC6

Marcelo Magno T. Sales marcelo.sales at
Wed Nov 22 03:58:41 PST 2006

Hi, people,

I'm having some problems with xorg 7.1 running on a centrino notebook with 
Intel 915GM video chipset and FC6. If you can help me with any of these 
listed below, I would appreciate.

1. When I connect a monitor to the VGA connector of the notebook after 
activating it with i810switch, the output image is always bigger then the 
screen, no matter what resolution I choose. If the monitor offers the option 
to adjust the width and height of the image, that's ok, I can shrink it to 
make it fit the screen. But many LCD monitors allow only the repositioning of 
the image and with these I can't see all the all of the output image. I had 
FC5 (with xorg 6.9)  installed in this notebook before FC6 and this problem 
did not exist.

2. Until FC5 (xorg 6.9), I could always change X resolution using CTRL ALT + 
and CTRL ALT -. In FC6 (xorg 7.1) this does not work. I don't have 
a "DontZoom" option in my xorg.conf, but I tried to add it with the 
value "false", even if this is the default, with no success.

3. I configure KDE to turn off the display after 20 minutes of inactivity. The 
display turns itself off after this time, but then the backlight turns on 
again after 10 seconds or so and the screen remains blank. If I command "xset 
dpms force off", the same thing happens: the display turns off and the 
backlight turns on again after 10 seconds. "vbetool dpms off", however, works 
as expected. Option "dpms" is set to "on" in xorg.conf. Is this a bug or a 

4. Anyone has tv-out working with the i810 xorg driver? Which settings are 
necessary in xorg.conf?



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