via k8m890 very slow with vesa

Henrik Lundberg henrik at
Thu Nov 23 14:42:43 PST 2006

I am having the exact same problem. vesa is terribly slow when moving
windows or window contents.
(Though, reasonably fast at drawing new content.)

Since it seems to be stuff that should be 2D accelerated that is slow I
thaught maybe 2D acceleration was disabled. Obviously, without 2D
acceleration there must be some software fallback in place, which leads
me to yet another thing I don't understand. I'm sitting here with a
modern integrated graphics chip somewhat tightly coupled with a 2GHz
Athlon 64 which hits the roof when I'm dragging around half a million
pixels. Shouldn't that be fast? The software fallback doesn't seem very
optimized OR there's a bug somwhere between just behind my eyeballs and .

Lets go with the latter theory. According to my logs vesa and XAA loads
fine and I see nothing else suspicious and related to this problem.

Like you, I have ShadowFB enabled. (default and good for performance
says a man.)

Unlike you, I have Backing store enabled. (I honestly don't know what it
is but I didn't notice any difference enabling it.)

I also tried drivers from viaarena, and, but with no luck in any case.

I hope someone with a solution sends it to this list.

Best regards,

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