External monitor resolution problem (i810)

R.L. Horn lists at eastcheap.org
Fri Nov 24 23:22:01 PST 2006

On Thu, 23 Nov 2006, Gordan Kresic wrote:

>> The only thing I can think of is to manually set HorizSync and VertRefresh 
>> to match your external monitor and use custom ModeLines (a 50kHz/60Hz 
>> 1280x800 mode for the laptop and a 1280x1024 mode for the monitor).
> Unfortunatelly, still no luck.

As usual, a tiny smidgen of research on my part would have saved a lot of 
trouble.  Search around a bit for info on the i810 modesetting branch.

> As you can see, none of listed modes has resolution of 1280x1024? Why, 
> if 915resolution correctly reports all supported resolutions:

Generally, the mode list table returned by the vbios is comprehensive (at 
least that's the way the VESA functions typically work).  You have to make 
another bios call to find out whether a given mode is currently supported. 
915resolution might just return the raw mode list.

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