evdev: held down keys not being repeated

Matt Dew Matt.Dew at seakr.com
Sat Nov 25 11:32:10 PST 2006

Hi all,

I have a related problem.

I'm also running multiseat, which works great except that my up-arrow key 
launches ksnapshot in kde.  I've read others' posts with the same problem but 
I never saw a resolution.   Does anyone know of a fix for this?

gentoo amd64
xorg 7.1
evdev 1.1.4


> Hello,
> recently I installed X.org 7.1 and switched to a
> Multiseat-Setup. So far it works quite well except one
> annoying thing on my main keyboard:
> If I press and hold down the up-arrow, the key is repeated,
> also the right arrow. Unfortunately, the left and down
> arrows, not. They are just reported as one key press (also
> by xev).
> This happens since switching to evdev to drive the
> keyboard.
> The same issue does _not_ occur on my second keyboard.
> However, if i swap the two keyboards (physically), the
> not-repeating keyboard repeats and the repeating one
> doesn't (in other words, it does not work correctly on the
> first X-Server, no matter, which keyboard is plugged in),
> so it's not the fault of the keyboard.
> Then I tried swapping the two keyboards in the config file:
> Again, only the keyboard on the first X-Server shows this
> strange behaviour.
> -> It doesn't matter, which keyboard is used or to which
> port it is connected to, it only affects the first X-Server.
> Any ideas what might be the cause?
> Thanks,
> andy
> --
> Andreas Böhler
> andy (dot) boehler (at) gmx (dot) at
> http://klasseonline.dyndns.org

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