how to debug Xserver Module?

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How about tearing apart the startx?
In startx, there is some argument will be checked, like client argument,
server argument ...etc.
I don’t what module you want to debug and I guess maybe you can find out
where is the right position in startx or some other script file called by
startx which activates the module you want to debug.
If you find out where it is, mark the name and awake it after using gdb to
attach the debug-version Xserver.
Hope it will help you,

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	Thanks, I know startx is a script file.
     My step is: 1) startx in the console
				 2) when FC4 enter into the x windows and
then in the other
					PC use ssh to login
 				 3) gdb /usr/X11/bin/X $(/sbin/pidof X)
    From the steps, i didn't know how to postpone activating other modules
after awaking the Xserver, because i use startx script to load all modules
at one time;

Also many thanks

>Below are my ideas and I didn't try them yet.
>As far as I know startx is a script file, and you may postpone activating
>other modules after awaking the Xserver.
>1. build the modules with debug option.
>2. activate them in xterm.
>Something like that.
>I have heard some of my friends make it work while debugging some 3D
>Hope this will help you
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>hi everyone:
>	Recently, i'm debugging Xserver with two PCs, the system of target
>pc is FedoraCore4
>with Xorg 6.8.2 installed, and now i knew how to debug Xserver, but i
>know how to
>debug the modules loaded by startx.
>	I have read ./Xserver/hw/xfree86/DebuggingHints and didn't find the
>patches to gdb to
>add support for loadable modules, for the web site i can't link :
>	now my gdb version is,  i wanted the patches for 6.3.
>0.0-1.21rh, or maybe
>6.0 is also ok;
>	I hope somebody can understand my confuse problem (in my poor
>thanks for your help!
>little bird
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