Proposed changes to the xorg archive

Donnie Berkholz dberkholz at
Tue Nov 28 10:31:06 PST 2006

Kevin E Martin wrote:
> I'm not opposed to changing src to something else, but I'd like to do
> this just once so that the mirrors we have don't have to keep changing
> things, and I'd like the name to indicate that this is where you find
> the source tarballs.  I really don't like "branded" but if you have any
> other ideas, I'd like to hear them.

We could revive "monolithic" as a reference to the katamari releases. 
Has it been gone long enough yet to redefine it? Other options are some 
antonyms of individual: grouped, etc. I particularly like "unified."

Or to add a little more parallelism, we could change "src" and 
"individual" to "branded" and "unbranded" respectively.

> There is parallelism on two different axes here: the parallelism between
> the branded and individual packages and the parallelism between the
> updated-only and full set of packages.  The first parallelism is handled
> by the src vs. individual dirs and the second parallelism is handled by
> the top level (full set) and update subdir (updated-only).

I still disagree with this aspect of the structure, but I can live with 
it. =)

> Oops, guess I forgot to include that explanation.  Here's what I was
> thinking: The problem with only including the updated packages is that
> there's no way to tell if a package is deprecated.  Instead by including
> a full set of packages as well as updated-only packages in a release, we
> can simply remove the deprecated package from the full set -- i.e., if a
> package was included in the full set in a previous release but isn't
> included in the next release, then it would be considered deprecated.
> Now, having said that, I think I like your idea of having a separate
> deprecated directory better.  This would make the list of deprecated
> packages explicit.  I'll incorporate that into the next set of changes
> to the script.

Great! Another problem I saw with the initial idea was that it removed 
the difference between deprecated and obsolete. Having a deprecated/ dir 
as well as the option of removing things entirely restores this distinction.


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