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Wed Nov 29 05:28:37 PST 2006


    In following the steps on Modular Developers Guide to build the entire X11R7.1 release, several errors are encountered that cause the compilation to fail.

    1).  Mesa needs to be 6.5.1 due to header files not existing in 6.4.2
    2).  Moving to 6.5.1 fails because another header dependency does not exist.  Perusing the archives, one finds that the offending header file ./Mesa-6.5.1/src/mesa/shaderr/slang/library/slang_version_syn.h needs to be renamed or sym linked to slang_pp_version_syn.h
    3).  Finally, when one makes it to the building of ./xserver/xorg-server-X11R7.1-1.1.0/GL/mesa/main, it fails with :

        "In file included from accum.h:44
         In files included from accum.c:26:
         mtypes.h:44:20: bitset.h:  No such file or directory"

        Again, in persuing the archives, discussion is presented that glx is broken and one must append --disable-glx. In doing so, compilation does finally succeed.  However, the question remains, is glx still broken?  Or is it a temporary work around to compile completely?  Does this in fact disable glx functinoality in the Xserver?

    And in closing, what is the preferred method to installing the new Xserver, modules, libraries & apps?  Is it necessary to keep the previous Xserver, or can one just overwrite the old version with the newly compiled files?

    I apologize if this is obvious and I have been staring too hard in between the pixels for sanity, when really all I have accomplished is my own insanity.  But quite honestly, the documentation leaves a lot to be desired, is rather convoluted and sometimes blatantly wrong.  I do not profess to be an expert, but feel rather confident in my ability to build packages from source.

    Would anyone consider offering some kind guidance on this issue?

Respectfully and with much appreciation in advance,


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