glXBindTexImageEXT causing error

Brian Paul brian.paul at
Thu Nov 30 07:53:04 PST 2006

Heinrich Janzing wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm writing an OpenGL composite/window manager, and I ran into a strange 
> problem. When I call glXBindTexImageEXT, the next X call (whether it be a GLX 
> one or not) consistently causes a GLXUnsupportedPrivateRequest (Major opcode 
> 142, minor opcode 16). I tried not grabbing the server while calling 
> glXBindTexImageEXT, but that didn't seem to matter.
> Any ideas as to why I seem to be getting a "delayed" error, what exactly this 
> error means, or even better, how to avoid getting an error at all?
> Code snippet:
> void Texture::enable()
> {
> 	XGrabServer(getDisplay());
> 	XSync(getDisplay(), false);
> 	glEnable(getTarget());
> 	GLuint tmpName;
> 	glGenTextures(1, &tmpName);
> 	setName(tmpName);
> 	glBindTexture(getTarget(), getName());
> 	glXBindTexImageEXT(getDisplay(), getGLXPixmap(), GLX_FRONT_LEFT_EXT, NULL);
> }
> I'm linking to the Mesa libGL, since ATI's doesn't implement 
> GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap.
> Rendering happens after this method is called. Now the next X request will 
> cause the error.
> I'm running Ubuntu Edgy Eft, using the 6.5.1~20060817-0ubuntu3 mesa packages. 
> (OpenGL version string: 1.2 (1.5 Mesa 6.5.1)) and Xorg 1:7.1.1ubuntu6 
> packages.

We don't yet fully support GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap.  I think Ian 
was working on it a while back though.


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