ANN: xterm-223

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Thu Nov 30 17:18:04 PST 2006

                            Patch #223 - 2006/11/30

     * add   --enable-rectangles  configure  option  (request  by  Martin
     * correct default value for --with-symlink configure option.
     * fixes configure script macros that use $X_EXTRA_LIBS.
     * modify  configure script to provide support for pre-package config
       versions of Xft (FreeType).
     * add  the Xaw scrollbar translations resource to the xterm manpage,
       add  an example showing how to change the mouse button assignments
       (Debian #382225).
     * amend a change from [227]patch #216, which omitted modifiers for
       control,  meta, etc., if they were mixed with any other modifiers.
       The   intent   of   the   change   was  to  avoid  confusion  with
       XK_Mode_switch  and  XK_ISO_Level3_Shift;  the  check  is now done
       explicitly (report by Daniel Jacobowitz).
     * interpret    a    negative    value    for   modifyCursorKeys   or
       modifyFunctionKeys  resources  to  disable the respective features
       (prompted by Novell #220728).
     * amend  cell-width computation for FreeType from [228]patch #217,
       which  did  not  work  for  VT100  line-drawing characters (Debian
       #399638, GenToo #147111).
     * amend a change from [229]patch #216, which made alt-modifier on a
       cursor-key send a modifier parameter (Novell #220728).
     * correct  an  off-by-one that made DECCRA not work (report/patch by
       Martin Pirker).
     * revert an optimization in SGR_Foreground() and SGR_Background from
       [230]patch #209 (Debian #347722, analysis by Pierre Lombard).
     * fix for boldMode (Debian #347790, patch by Tim Pope).
     * amend  fix  for  -iconic  in  [231]patch  #208,  which broke the
       positioning part of -geom with toolbar configuration.
     * fix  to  prevent  indexing  error in regular expressions (patch by
       Dennis Schneider).
     * fixes  to  make  the  internalBorder  area not change color due to
       reverseVideo and/or related exposure events. The latter was a very
       old bug exposed in [232]patch #196 (report by Neil Hoggarth, also
       Debian #397624).

Thomas E. Dickey
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