Experimenting modesetting in radeon driver

Henry Zhao henry.zhao at sun.com
Thu Nov 30 18:35:01 PST 2006

I treawked randr code a little bit (both in server layer and xfree86 
layer), and added RADEONDriverFunc() with a new function type
RR_PROBE_MODE to radeon driver to reprobe monitor configuration and
reinitialize modes, then I was able to do limited modesetting adapting
monitor changes.

Triggered by randr command or screen resolution change in GNOME, I
was able to successfully change modes with the following sequence:
(note the sequence starts from single mode)

single mode -> merged mode (adding a monitor) -> single mode
(removing a monitor) -> merged mode (adding a monitor) -> ...

However, if I started the sequence from merged mode:

merged mode -> single mode (removing a monitor)

then the screen got garbled. Check the log file for mode numbers
nothing appeared wrong.

Anyone can shed light on what's wrong here ? Thanks.


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