server-1.2-branch accidentally merged with master

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Tue Oct 10 18:48:38 PDT 2006

Carl Worth wrote:
> And as Ray explained before, it will also force users that previously
> fetched the mistake to also fetch one time with a + to fix their
> repositories.
> All in all, it's a pretty hard hammer to hit with. In particular, if
> anybody has pushed any changes after your mistaken commit then this
> would throw them away.
> So it's really a per-project decision whether mistakes should be fixed
> this way or by instead just adding new commits that put things back to
> where they should be, (leaving some garbage states in the history).
> Personally, I'd think that a mistaken merge is a particularly ugly
> thing to have in the history, and this would be worthwhile to fix,
> (especially if caught very quickly). But my opinion shouldn't carry
> any weight since I'm not actively working in the xorg repository at
> all.

I've only seen one commit to master since the merge, so we'd only have that
one to re-apply.    ajax?  anholt?  keithp?   Any of you want to fix this?
(Or have any of you looked at the changes to see if we need to fix this or
  should just let the changes in, if we also pull in aaronp's wfb build fix?)

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