Does ADD2-N card for 915G/945G work in 965G?

Tommi Sakari Uimonen tuimonen at
Sun Apr 1 02:06:58 PDT 2007


I've been trying to hunt ADD2-N card for my Asus P5B-VM, but where I live, 
I've seen only cards that are told to work with 915G/945G, for instance a 
card by Asus, prod. no. 90-YD01S01-XBNZ. I even tried to ask Asus whether 
it works with their own mobo with 965G, but no answer. The only "965G 
compatible" cards I've seen on sale are on ebay (based on Sil 1364 chip)

I read you guys have bought "a pile of ADD2 cards". Was any of them 
advertised to work with 915G/945G but also worked with 965G?

Another question. I found this thread from xorg archives, where some guy 
has the same mobo as I, and got the ADD2 card to work only after 
'initializing' it in windows machine.

"I would not really describe the process of getting an ADD2 display from 
my ASUS P5B-VM with such a card at all pleasant. So far, I have gotten 
nothing out of the display. I suspect it is impossible to configure the 
bios on the ADD2 display. I do not know if it is possible to get the 
system to display boot information on the ADD2 display. I have not yet 
gotten X to display anything on the ADD2 display."

and later he postes a solution

"The eventual critical step appeared to be to load the Intel driver under 
windows. After this, I was able to get BIOS, linux console, and X on the 
DVI output."

Is this mobo specific problem?


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