savage/IX-MV + DRI error on X Window 7.2???

Nguyễn Việt Hải gnuzilla at
Fri Apr 6 11:02:07 PDT 2007

Hi men,

I'm now using slackware-current with X Window System Version (1.3.0 RC 3) on my IBM Thinkpad T21 (using S3 Savage

Everytime after cold booting, when I issued startx (both for start
with KDE or original X window manager), my screen became blank with a
dash on the top-left conner. The keystrokes Ctrl-Alt-Fx or Alt-Fx (x =
1..7) didn't work. But I could hear the sound indicated that my KDE
started successfully.

If I Ctrl-Alt-BkSp then Ctrl-Alt-Del, the same problem showed up.

If I pressed the Power button (to cut off the power) to force my
laptop to shutdown, then start it again, I can go to my X display (KDE
or original X window manager).

Besides that, I always couldn't end my X session the right way except
for Ctrl-C in console. If I ended my X session by issueing KDE 'End
session' or Ctrl-Alt-BkSp, my screen go blank and I can't do other
things, even switch to another console.

After search something, some web pages, I disabled the "Load dri" in
xorg.conf. And everything go great!! Startx and end an X session went
well, no freeze.

So how can we can configure support DRI for savage/IX-MV???

PS: I have attached my Xorg.0.log (that I saw and found nothing
strange) and my xorg.conf
sOs : say open source.
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