RFC: Video decode acceleration API

Bian, Jonathan jonathan.bian at intel.com
Wed Apr 11 15:36:59 PDT 2007

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> On Tuesday 27 March 2007 17:34, Bian, Jonathan wrote:
> > The current interface is focused on video decode only and is window
> > system independent, so that potentially it can be used with graphics
> > sub-systems other than X.  In a nutshell it is basically a scheme to
> > pass various types of data buffers from the application to the GPU
> > decoding a compressed bit-stream.  This is very much a
> > and the current draft only defines data structures for MPEG-2 and
> > decode at the VLD (or slice level) entry-point.  I would like to get
> > this out for critic and feedback before going too much further, and
> > hopefully make it a community collaborative effort.
> Hey, it's great to see someone actually having the time to look at
> I looked over your proposal. The API looks heavily OpenVG influenced
> I'm
> assuming it was meant to be used with the windowing system bindings
> you
> guys also use for your OpenGL ES implementation available for xscale.
> The interface, altough pretty nice, doesn't fit all to well with the
> of X
> extensions, we'd need to rework it a bit.
Thanks for taking the time to look at this and provide feedbacks. The
intent is to not making it an X extension so it can be more easily
integrated with other window systems as well.

> A few thoughts:
> - in VAProfile I'd suggest addition a VAProfileCustom flag with some
> callback
> allowing clients to stream in other formats. i think that ideally
> of
> VA_RT_FORMAT defines we'd have vaQueryIsFormatSupport(VADisplay, int
> fourcc)
> vaQuerySupportFormats(VADisplay, int **fourccs, int *num); and maybe
> vaQueryNative/PreferredFormat or such.
That is a good idea.  Fourcc should describe the format more precisely,
and it is likely that the hardware accelerator will have a preferred
output format (if it does support multiple output formats).

> - either VAContext and vaCreateContext or VASurface or a new member or
> additional flag for the flags member would be nice to specify whether
> video
> is actually fullscreen (knowledge that picture width == screen width
> picture height == screen height isn't enough.) in those fullscreen
> we
> could use backened scalers, plus do some other magic so it'd be nice
> have
> it explicit in the flags.
The rendering aspect is deliberately left out of the API for the
time-being, as that would need to be tied to the window system.  I am
thinking that for X we could have a PutSurface (similar to
XvMCPutSurface) and a CopyToGLXPbuffer if more sophisticated rendering
is needed.

> - i'm not sure how nicely the surface management section converts to X
> semantics. although i think that a whole new rendering surface might
> better than additional formats in Xrender pictures.
> - can the vacontext be created with a different width/height than
> vasurface?
> it would seem pretty awkward to me. if that's the case, than we should
> have
> xOffset/yOffset in there as well.
Now I think about this, the picture width and height does not really
belong in VAContext, rather they should be part of the picture parameter

> - in surfaces using fourcc for format would a lot more convenient than
> just
> 420/422/44. most decoding engines i've seen operates with and passes
> fourcc
> around anyway it would make streaming between them a little smoother.
> going
> back to that point, imho it would be more consistent to just uniformly
> fourcc across the framework. including creation of
> VAPictureParameterBuffer
> and VAIQMatrixBuffer.
> Zack
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