A problem with X11/extensions/Xrandr.h

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at code-monkey.de
Sun Apr 22 01:18:50 PDT 2007

Pavel Troller [2007-04-22 07:29]:
>   I've found a problem with the XRRGetOutputProperty() function prototype.
>   One of its parameters is "Bool delete", which causes problems, when the file
> file is included from a C++ program - "delete" is a reserved word (operator)
> in C++.
>   It's in XRandr-1.2.
>   For this particular compilation, I've made a quick fix by changing delete
> to _delete and returning it back when finished, but I think that another name
> should be used.

The same fix went into libXrandr-1.2.1:


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