multiple pointer/keyboard pairs

Peter Hutterer mailinglists at
Thu Aug 2 20:45:54 PDT 2007

David Sharp wrote:
> Can a mouse/pointer be associated with a specific keyboard, so that
> two apps can grab different keyboard inputs at the same time?

yes, it's called device pairing (XChangePointerKeyboardPairing), but 
grabs are hardly affected by it. the main reason for pairing is to 
obtain necessary data (e.g. some events have both keyboard and mouse 
data, here we use the paired device to get the data). Also handy for 
focus setting, and - in some cases - for core grabs.

> Can the keyboards have different keyboard layouts, and can their
> layout/group be independently switched on the fly similar to the
> single-keyboard situation (using R Alt, for example)?

XKB is AFAIK not XInput aware, so I haven't managed to get different 
layouts working yet.

> MPX has been around a while. How does the input-hotplug work affect this?
as daniels said, without i-h there wouldn't be MPX.

> Are there other technologies I should be looking at?

uhm, no. MPX is pretty unique right now. You can use client-side 
solutions, but they all suck for one reason or another.


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