Lukas Hejtmanek xhejtman at ics.muni.cz
Sun Aug 5 12:44:44 PDT 2007

On Sun, Aug 05, 2007 at 10:22:56PM +0300, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > Do not know what that is.
> > 
> > This is my Device section from xorg.conf. For EXA I change only AccelMethod.
> When you start your server, run xcompmgr -a.

OK, I tried that.

With stock debian/unstable Xserver the xcompmgr -a got boost of x11perf
-shmput500 from 85fps to 400fps.

With git version from 18th May 2007, I can got about 600 fps using the x11perf
-shmput500, xcompmgr -a does not impost any boost.

Using XAA with any of these two versions of the Xserver, I got 1600 fps using
the x11perf.

Anyway, xcompmgr -a causes that x11perf has some troubles with sync or
something like that as the screen does not get refreshed as fast as without

So, to be honest, I did not try the latest Xserver from git (I have the latest
xf86-video-intel driver), but EXA runs at 37.5% of XAA in x11perf for me.
And I do not know whether x11perf is similar to glxgears - it's not correct
benchmark but I guess that x11perf should be.

Lukáš Hejtmánek

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