Latest intel git borks mplayer video output

Zhenyu Wang at
Wed Aug 8 22:22:23 PDT 2007

On 2007.08.09 03:44:36 +0000, Chris Pemberton wrote:
> > Adding the Option "AccelMethod" "EXA" to my intel driver gave the 
> > following error and the x server failed to launch:
> >
> > (EE) Failed to load module "exa" (module requirements mismatched, 0)

Intel driver needs exa module 2.1, your xserver is old.

> I've been googling and see that there is an intel-video exa branch of 
> the driver. 

'exa' branch is dead, has been merged into master.

> And to clarify; I get XV video corruption using this branch of the 
> driver and I suppose this is why I'm getting the "no exa modules error 
> as well".
> Should I be using another git source to solve my problem or should XV 
> work with the above sources.

You can set Option "Tiling" "false" to work around Xv issue for now.

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