i915_tex driver locks X when starting compiz

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Aug 15 01:34:02 PDT 2007

Daniel Kasak wrote:
> Is it feasible that I'd be able to
> quickly ( a couple of hundred hours ) learn enough C to do this porting
> job? Keep in mind I'd be basically starting from scratch again.

For me I consider myself fairly competent in C, but I still shy away
from this kind of dev work due to the steep learning curve of the
specific concepts rather than C structure in itself. If you're good at
graphics and low level stuff then the language itself doesn't matter too
much IMO. Especially in a porting job (e.g. there may be good sources to
look at as a base).

I'm speaking entirely out of context here so I don't know about this
specific task, but C is not a million miles away from functional PHP.
Sure there are pointers and structs to deal with but the whole code flow
and structure is not far gone, so would encourage you to dip your toes
at least!

/me has touched very little in any of X other than reading and compiling
so this is probably a very hypocritical statement too ;)


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