xrandr 1.2 while on (text) VT

René Rebe rene at exactcode.de
Sat Aug 25 12:09:33 PDT 2007


I just wanted to drop a quick note that the current Intel driver appears
to mess with the card's registers even when swicthed away to another VT.

I admit I did something evil and I even explicitly asked for that:

  As the Intel driver messed the pipe configuration up while my girl was
  switching from VGA to internal LVDS on a Sony Vaio everything was just
  blank. So I switched to VT1, and ran:

  DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --auto

  In the hope that would be able to restore some state again. But instead
  the machine was even more dead and no text VT did show anything anymore,
  and the box was eventually rebooted completely.

While I admit manually triggering xrandr while knowing to be on another
VT is not the nicest thing to do, but a graphiacl UI could do something in
the meantime as well, anyway. This should probably be guarded.


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