Intel: Default for "Virtual"

Chase Douglas chasedouglas at
Sun Aug 26 08:17:42 PDT 2007

Andreas Schildbach wrote:
> Version 2.1.1-0ubuntu2 seems to set the default Virtual size (maximum 
> screen size) to 1920 x 1920, if there is no entry in xorg.conf. I take 
> it the maximum screen size for the i915 chipset family is 2048 x 2048, 
> so why not have it at that? This would make dualscreen setups a bit easier.

The default settings is found by taking the largest resolution in either 
x or y dimension and making a square from that. This allows for easy 
rotation should you want to do so.

I believe you should be able to do dual screen up to 8192x8192, though 
only through two monitors (Only two pipes are available for output), but 
that 3D acceleration is only supported up to 2048x2048. Thus as soon as 
you set your virtual size above 2048x2048, you lose 3D acceleration (I'm 
working to fix this).

-- Chase

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