Intel: Default for "Virtual"

Andreas Schildbach andreas at
Sun Aug 26 09:40:19 PDT 2007

Chase Douglas wrote:

> The default settings is found by taking the largest resolution in either 
> x or y dimension and making a square from that. This allows for easy 
> rotation should you want to do so.

Thanks for answering.

Why is that "maximum size" setting needed at all? The real maximums are 
given by the hardware anyway (as you explained 2048 x 2048 or 8192 x 
8192, depending on whether you want to do 3D). You cannot budge those 
hardware constraints by changing a software setting.

I have a feeling that the "Virtual" keyword specifies a value that 
should be managed internal by the X server, not by the user. If the user 
wishes to span his desktop over two screens, resulting in a "Virtual" 
size of, say, 1920 x 1968, then why is the user needed to add up those 
values himself and put it in a configuration file?

If the "maximum size" setting is really needed, why not default to the 
largest size that has got all the features (in the i915 case: 2048 x 
2048)? If 3D is not enabled (e.g. because the server was compiled 
without), the default could even be 8192 x 8192. As I said, the user 
experience would benefit.



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