Feature request: "visible part's resolution as `actual screen size' "

JM Ibanez jm at orangeandbronze.com
Fri Aug 31 09:50:05 PDT 2007

Zbigniew Baniewski <zb at ispid.com.pl> writes:

> On Fri, Aug 31, 2007 at 11:36:48AM +0100, Bill Crawford wrote:
>> This should really be done by the window manager (maximising a window)
>> and the behaviour you're talking about is just annoying, plain and
>> simple.
> I'm not sure: is it really wm (and not XWindow system), who is responding
> to getScreenSize() call (or similar "getscreenresolution"-like functions)?
>> People have a maximise button on their windows (usually).
> Yes, and when I maximize my XTerm's window, it covers entire virtual screen
> area - which isn't what I want.
>> But, when people are using a virtual desktop, it's often because they
>> want more space ;)
> Yes: space for several application windows, not just one - it's called
> "a desktop". Text mode could be quite enough otherwise (just one and only
> application using the whole screen).
>> they might not want to size their windows to the
>> visible part (which sorta defeats the object), ... e.g. I have a
>> colleague who needs to do this due to extreme near-sightedness.
> ...and because of this, I want a new *option*. The friend of yours could
> have it as it is today, but I could change the behaviour of "maximize"
> actions in the way I need. At present time, "maximize" buttons are useless
> to me. What's the point in using such button, when I must resize the
> application window manually then. It is better to resize such window without
> touching any buttons - one can spare one action in such way.

It really is a WM-specific thing. IIRC, XRandR 1.2 already exposes the
size of each output, and the window manager is responsible for querying
this. This is also exposed via Xinerama (which XRandR 1.2 exposes in a
compatible manner).

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