xserver-kdrive, mouse, motion issues

christopher reder creder at digitalcpt.com
Tue Dec 18 08:58:38 PST 2007

All - 
I have an embedded system running a AT91RM9200 with Kdrive 1.3.0 .  With
it, we have a 16 bit framebuffer setup through linux running 2.6.21.  

When I use a mouse pointer and drag it along the screen, it will change
the background color such that I can see the 'box' that it redraws for
the mouse pointer and at the edges, it changes the value of the color
behind it.  

I also have a program that has some motion with it where a golfer takes
a swing,   The same phenomenon happens.  

I am trying to figure out if there is a way to force kdrive to access a
routine in the framebuffer code for reads and writes so I can figure out
what is messing up in the interaction with the framebuffer and the

Are there functions in the X library that do the mouse 'read modify
write' and can I have access to them via the framebuffer code to see
what may be going wrong (for example, trying to access as a 24 bit vs a
16 bit, bad mask, or anything else?)

Does anyone have a suggestion or a way to do this so I can debug it


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