Adding xinput to apps

Peter Hutterer mailinglists at
Tue Dec 18 21:24:39 PST 2007

pcpa at wrote:
> Quoting Peter Hutterer <mailinglists at>:
>   Can you post a git url for dummies? :-) Otherwise I can wait until
> tomorrow if it will go to xorg/apps.


>   I have basically nil knowledge about the internals of xinput, but
> I have interest on knowing it is working, so I want at least to
> see what is being worked on :-)

it's a fairly straightforward codebase. xinput is nothing more than a 
commandline wrapper for parts of libXi.

>> I tried contacting Frederic Lepied, the original author with no success.
>> I since created a git repository in my personal directory [0],
>> autotooled the lot and applied a few patches.
>   I left Conectiva before the merge with Mandrake, and came back a few
> month ago, I can at least try to check if someone knows if he is still
> on earth...

cool. thanks.

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