Trying to grab Super_L

Lope De Vega lope.vega at
Sun Dec 23 12:09:51 PST 2007

Hi list,

I'm trying to make a little window manager stand on
it's own feet, which I'm doing through xlib, though
I've come into troubles already.

My problem is that I wanted to be able to depoly a
menu upon a Super_L key-press event --fortunately, no
application out there seems to make use of it--so I
wouldn't need to program taskbars and the like. 

I wanted this to happen indepently of the window which
had the focus at that time, which is were I'm having

How I'm doing it is, the wm starts up, and it looks
wheter the Super_L key alone is defined within the
modifier map, if not, it will insert it. 

Then I just query the window's tree (XQueryTree), and
register each window seen, grab the Super_L key on
them, and not much more by now. 

This works ok when the keypress is seen within the
root window, but not for example when seen within an

This is how my ~/.xinitrc file looks like: "xterm &

I've been trying different things such like playing
arround changing client's windows attributes, though
whatever I do, xterm always "swallows" this keypress.

So I'd really appreciate if somebody could make some
comment on this. 

Merry Christmas.

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