Multi Pointer X MPX Build problem

Peter Hutterer mailinglists at
Thu Dec 27 00:37:07 PST 2007

Joel Bosveld wrote:
> I was wondering if the master branch of xserver was going to be merged into
> mpx again any time soon (as, if I understand correctly, this will fix the
> problem, and I tried merging it myself, but ended up with a fair number of
> conflicts, which I have (almost) no idea how to resolve (and if master is
> going to be merged into mpx again soon, I won't bother trying to resolve
> them, I will just wait))

I have started, but it'll take me a while to fix everything up. The XACE 
rework was merged into master since, and causes a lot of conflicts where 
  I have to make myself familiar with the code first.


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