Does the intel driver support G35?

Dag Bakke dag at
Sun Dec 30 14:19:20 PST 2007

On Sun, 30 Dec 2007 17:51:09 -0200
Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle <leo.fontenelle at> wrote:

> I read the mailing list archives and the documentation in Git, but I
> couldn't understand if, and how well, is G35 supported. I'd like to
> buy a G35-based motherboard, but of course that will depend on the
> drivers. If current support is non-existent, or seriously broken, how
> long will it take until it is improved? (1 month? 1 year? ...)

The G35 appears to be handled as a G965.

I have the ASUS P5E-V HDMI board, which has a G35. I haven't yet been
able to get my monitor to sync on the HDMI output. Not with
xserver and xf86-video-i810-git as of two days ago, anyway.

It works well with VGA, although I think the picture will be a little
bit crisper with the digital connection. 

OpenGL and Xv works to my satisfaction, as does 2D.

There appears to be a lot of work and time being put into the intel
driver these days, so I expect it will make the most out of
this chip both in terms of features and performance before it has become
*completely* obsolete.   :-)

Dag B

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