XKB and the Dutch

Rene Herman rene.herman at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 05:47:59 PST 2007

On 02/01/2007 10:55 AM, Gregory Smirnov wrote:

>> Given the Dutch situation, my preffered option would be to to simply add
>> the EuroSign to AltGr-e/5 on the us layout. Haven't a clue if you guys
>> are working off standards which would forbid something like that though.

> Keyboard symbols in Xorg 7.1 was changed and now available from different 
> package.
> You can add this to your 'us' symbols:
> partial alphanumeric_keys
> xkb_symbols "EuroSign" {
>   name[Group1]= "U.S. English - Extended with Euro sign only";
>   include "us"
>   key <AE05> { [          5, percent,       
> EuroSign                        ] };
>   key <AD03> { [          e, E,             EuroSign,         
> cent          ] };
>   include "level3(ralt_switch)"
> };

Thanks for your answer. I'm aware this is possible, but I am looking for 
a solution that does not involve hacking X files. Given that an entire 
country is using keyboards with the US layout + the EuroSign on the e 
(and/or 5) this should really be selectable, I feel.

Or are you saying that in 7.1, it is? Someone else just confirmed that 
he still gets that xkbcomp error that I listed while using "XkbOptions" 
"lv3:ralt_switch,eurosign:e" in recent X. Other than that error, it all 
works already...

> You cannot change basic US layout, because it has no AltGr in its
> logic :)

Who says? A standard? _Could_ it have?

> Many people in US use RAlt+key shortcuts like you are used to
> LAlt+key in Europe. On other hand, why would not you upgrade to more
> recent version of Xorg?

As said, someone else confirmed that the issue was the same for him in 
recent versions. But other than that, just because 6.9.0 is what my 
Linux distribution (slackware 11.0) installs and I'm not interested 
enough in X to go upgrading it myself or anything.

But, if things work in recent versions, I'm fine with the hackery above 
(or even my current hackery of specifying XkbSymbols using the 
en_US(pc104) layout manually) until my systems catch up the new order. 
Do they?

(please keep me in CC by the way)


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