i810 1.7.4 driver lockups

Roderick Greening roderick_greening at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 1 07:34:38 PST 2007

I recently tried using xf86-video-i810 version 1.7.4 (previous working was 

I have a gentoo linux setup, with xorg 7.1. The driver version for 1.7.2 was 
fine. Upon attempting to use 1.7.4 with any accelerated app, it locks up the 
display. This was with Mesa 6.5.1

I then tried upgrading to xorg 7.2 and Mesa 6.5.2. Again driver 1.7.2 works 
fine, but 1.7.4 locks up when running any acceletated apps.

My system is an Acer 9410 laptop with Intel 950 chipset (video card is a 

Any suggestions on what I can try to see 1) why the driver is locking up the 
display and 2) how I can fix this?

Is there anyone out there who has a similar configuration and has this 
driver working?

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