Problem with git xorg-server/mesa and dri + damage

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Thu Feb 1 12:41:10 PST 2007

Eric Anholt wrote:
> The issue is that the X Server is using the headers from damageproto to
> define the version it advertises.  This is wrong -- the server should
> advertise whatever version it implements, and no higher.  The solution
> for distros for now is to not ship new damageproto with old X Servers.

Right - this wasn't a problem in the monolith, where everything updated in
sync, but is now that we're modular.    This has been fixed for XFixes, and
the rest of the extensions should be fixed as well to use the number of the
version they implement, and not just the one from the proto headers.

(See 7e0aeebb8f8a5dff3cb4d88756e535dd70edeec4 for the Xfixes version of this.)

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