xdm shows a password prompt instead of a login prompt

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at sun.com
Thu Feb 1 14:59:23 PST 2007

Stefan Dirsch wrote:
> Hi
> Since xdm switched to separate login/password window prompts you get a
> password prompt after typing in a wrong password, although it should
> be a login prompt. This is pretty confusing IMHO. I'm using xdm 1.1.3.

Strange - when I type in a password that fails it resets back to prompting
for username.   When you fail to enter your password, pam_authenticate
should return an error that causes the converation calling loop to jump to
the end, call pam_end and reset to the beginning.

> BTW, is it still possible to go back to the combined login/password
> window? How can this be done? If ever possible I would prefer to go
> back. It would likely also fix this bug.

The prompting in separate steps is required for using PAM correctly,
which may prompt for any number of items (local password, kerberos
password, smartcard PIN, etc.) including not requiring any keyboard
input, and we don't know until each prompt comes up what will be
asked for.   It would be even more confusing to prompt for a password
on a system set up for smartcard only or biometric only authentication.

If you build for some other authentication method than PAM, you
should get the same combined prompt you've always had.

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