Getting involved in XInput hotplug development?

Enleth enleth at
Thu Feb 1 17:37:37 PST 2007


I've been looking into the input hotplugging functionality recently and I must 
say that I'm very happy, as a laptop and graphic tablet user, with the 
progress (well, it works!) and I'd like to thank you all for the time you put 
into working on it. Moreover, I've decided that the best thing I can do to 
make use of it as soon as possible is just to contribute.
With some free time, quite a bit of C programming experience and UNIX 
knowledge and good motivation, I think I can take on the task, the biggest 
problem being finding information on what is currently in the TODO, other 
than some wiki pages badly needing update.

So my question is: where to look for something to do, or just, what to do?

From what I've found, it looks like the main problem now is inconsistent input 
driver design, the D-BUS interface's "duct tape-like" implementation (it's 
still extremely easy to crash the server with an incomplete input.add 
request, so did I at first, by accident), and lack of an external device 
manager for testing purposes (or did I just miss it?).

As for the coding-related stuff, I've spent the afternoon setting up a sandbox 
enviroment (bare-bones Linux system with just the compiler, git, gdb, 
hal+dbus, sshd and libraries required to build X, all that inside a VMWare 
virtual machine tweaked to allow direct USB HID device access), getting used 
to the new X code structure (which is, BTW, *much* more comfortable to work 
with than the monolithic codebase with its obscure build system...), making 
some quick fixes to prevent bad requests from screwing the server up and 
rigging up a simple device manager (er, well, a something to pass events from 
hal to X) in Python. It tends to work, a sort of.

Best regards,
Remigiusz "Enleth" Marcinkiewicz, enleth at
JID enleth at
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