Calculate dpi value

Christoph Pleger Christoph.Pleger at
Thu Feb 1 23:48:16 PST 2007


how does the Xorg server calculate the DPI values? What is done if the
screen size can be read from DDC and what is done if not?

I am asking because of the following problem:

I have a VNC server and a VNC client which connects to the server. But I
had the problem that the fonts shown by the vncviewer were too small. So
I increased the DPI value by using the -dpi parameter. But now my fonts
are too large.

Of course I could try different DPI values until I have the right font
size. But what I want is an X screen that looks the same as if the
applications ran locally and that not only on one client with one
graphics card and one monitor but on many clients with different graphic
cards and different monitors.

So I want to do the same as the normal Xserver does: Calculate the DPI
value from the screen size (if available by DDC) or from the Modes
section in xorg.conf.


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