SlackX: X packages for Slackware lovers

Carlos Eduardo R. Diógenes cerdiogenes at
Fri Feb 2 11:02:31 PST 2007


I don't know if this is spam, but I think that a lot
of people here can have interest in it, so I'm sending
it anyway.

SlackX - Download, compile and create X Window System
packages for Slackware.

SlackX is intended to create X packages for the
Slackware Linux distribution with minimal user
interaction, just select the packages you want,
download, compile and create your Slackware packages!

The script is intended to compile
the X11R7.1 release, altought we will update the
scripts to compile every X release (unstable and

This is also intended to be as configurable as
possible, you can define where you want to build with
mesa or not, in what prefix (do you don't need to
remove you system stability) and the desired CFLAGS.
If there is something that you want to configure, but
the scripts doesn't allow you to, please report it!

There are some toughts that are embedded in the SlackX
creation, since when one project is created it's
created with some intention, so SlackX is no

I created it, because I'm starting to hack in X, so I
can easily stay in sync with the lastest X releases. I
also can compile some parts of X with debugging
information and go from one package to another easily.

The is also Slackware non intrusive, since it's
default installation direcotry is /opt/X11R7. This way
you can use the supported Slackware X release, while
being easy to change to others. Here I only have to
run the command 'ldconfig /opt/X11R7/lib' as root to
update where applications will search for libs and
'export PATH=/opt/X11R7/bin:$PATH' as the user that I
want to run it.

These are easy configurations to turn on
automatically, but since I want something as less
intrusive as possible, this decision is left upon to

Since, I need my computer to day-to-day work, I also
need a stable system, so I can't wait to resolve a X
problem to be able to use it. This is the best way
that I encoutered to resolve this issue.

This said, you can decide if you want to use SlacX or

I desire that you have fun with SlackX!

Best regards.

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