OT: sxga+ vid for Acer AL2017 20" lcd

Deep Dribble carl at personnelware.com
Fri Feb 2 14:01:17 PST 2007

I think this is an easy question for this list:

What card should be used for an Acer AL2017 20" lcd?

Pretty sharp friend thinks he is stuck -- I am guessing he is missing something. 
  but I am a db guy, so basically have no clue.  anyone here have one I can 
borrow?  below are the 'details.'

Carl K

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"Deep Dribble" <carl at personnelware.com> wrote in message
news:eq05us$tko$1 at ftupet.ftupet.com...
> harry palmer wrote:
> > I'm looking for a graphics for a pc that supports the sxga+ standard
> > natively without hacking device drivers. Anyone know of a site that
> > me to check out ALL ALL!!! the standards supported by a card? Max
> > doesn't help, the card in this old machine skips from 1280 * 1024 to
1600 *
> > 1200 with nothing in between and yes I have the latest drivers.  I need
> > * 1050 to support a monitor I just got whose native mode is sxga+.
> >
> > thanks in advance
> >
> > Harry
> >
> >
> what is the monitor?
> what card are you currently using?
> -- 
> "then again, I've been told I'm a wacko"

The monitor is an Acer AL2017 20" lcd with native resolution of sxga+ .
Right now there is no card, it's the chip set on the machine which I want to
overide with a half decent graphics card. This issue is that I can't tell
which card supports sxga+

"then again, I've been told I'm a wacko"

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