kdrive & amd64 & r300 question

Daniel Kasak dan at entropy.homelinux.org
Sat Feb 3 03:47:13 PST 2007

Tilman Sauerbeck wrote:
> Daniel Kasak [2007-02-03 22:07]:
>> I've been playing around with EXA on my r300 ( built X from git master,
>> just after the exa-damagetrack merge ). It's promising, but at the
>> moment still pushes my CPU usage through the roof ( though at least it's
> http://xorg.freedesktop.org/wiki/ExaStatus says:
> "r300 and r400 core-only", ie there's no Render acceleration for your
> chip. Which makes EXA pretty useless.

Pretty much, yeah. The exa-damagetrack stuff does improve things to the
point of making compositing usable, though. But yeah, usable means sit a
look but don't touch, and watch your laptop doesn't catch on fire :)

>> So I'd like to try out kdrive, which I've heard a bit about, but never
>> used. Does it support r300 chips? I just tried to build it ( using a
>> Gentoo ebuild, with the 'kdrive' USE flag ), and got:
> kdrive's ati driver doesn't have Render acceleration for r300 either.

E on DirectFB it is then :)


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